Designed by Nicholas Flatman and SueAnne Ware

Designed by Nicholas Flatman and SueAnne Ware


Honeysuckle hopscotch is a painted art installation on the post-industrial waterfront precinct of Honeysuckle. The project aims to transform the existing banality of a specific public space into an activated and attractive urban connection by means of a ‘painted ground’. The paint becomes a medium to renew use and appeal, and establish a connection between public and place. The painted ground will aim to address the raised issue of the albedo effect (light and heat reflected off of surfaces) as well as add colour and vibrancy to the desolate and vacant asphalt surfaces. By addressing these issues, the project would improve both the amenity and appeal of the public space in an attempt to reinvigorate the public’s connection and social engagement as part of the Honeysuckle Precinct.


Location of Honeysuckle Hopscotch:

  • Habour Square between the Rydges Hotel and The Landing bar and kitchen