Designed by Amber Sauni and Warren Reilly

Designed by Amber Sauni and Warren Reilly


Moveable Feast is a temporary installation which invites the local community, visitors, and cooks/ chefs to occupy a key site in the public realm. Whether it is used for informal picnics, special events, or as a place which encourages sharing, the Moveable Feast is pushing the brief for site furniture beyond a singular use. It is envisioned that the table will allow for users to take advantage of fresh local ingredients within the vicinity of the Honeysuckle precinct, as well as serve as a model for future forms of Victory Gardens and public food preparation spaces within the precinct.

The Moveable Feast provides comfortable seated table space for up to 32 adult-sized participants engaging in a cooking, dining or workshop experiences at any one time.

The table will include:

  • Planters & edible plants
  • Sink & cold water tap
  • Food preparation surface
  • BBQ plate
  • 2 stove hob burners

Locations of the Movable Feast:

  • Location 1: Adjacent to the west side of Honeysuckle Hotel and the park
  • Location 2: Adjacent to the east side of Honeysuckle Hotel
  • Location 3: Adjacent to the west side of the former Maritime Museum